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Viktor Hovland is a golfer from Norway. He was born on September 18, 1997, in Oslo.Hovland gained significant attention in the world of golf during his amateur career. He played collegiate golf at Oklahoma State University and achieved considerable success during his time there.

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All right, folks, gather ’round! Today, we’re diving into the world of golf, and let me tell you, we’ve got a rising star that’s making waves on the green. Imagine a young Norwegian lad who’s got not only the looks that could make hearts skip a beat but also the golf skills that make jaws drop.

Yup, you guessed it right, We’re talking about none other than Viktor Hovland – the golf sensation who’s giving the old pros a run for their money. So, grab your golf claps, and let’s tee off into the biography of this guy who’s swinging his way into the big leagues!


Real NameViktor Hovland
NicknameResort King and BDV
ProfessionProfessional Golf Player

Body Measurements and Physical Stats

Height1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight75 Kg
Hair Color and Eye ColorBrown and Green

Personal Life and Birth Info

Date of Birth18 September 1997
Age (As of 2023)25 Years
BirthplaceOslo, Norway
Zodiac SignVirgo
Current HometownStillwater, Oklahoma, USA
QualificationDegree in Finance
SchoolOslo Golfklubb (Oslo, Norway)
UniversityOklahoma State University (Stillwater, Oklahoma, US)
HobbiesPlaying Video Games, Listening to Music, and Watching Movies
Controversies (If Any)Viktor Hovland has been getting some heat for his wardrobe choices. Some folks think he’s dressing too fancy or kind of weird. Case in point: at this big golf event called the 2023 PGA Championship, he rocked this super bold red and orange shirt.

And let’s just say some people thought he was trying a bit too hard to grab attention.

Now, at another tournament known as the 2023 Players Championship, Hovland had a bit of a slip-up. He hit his ball into a water pit, and it turns out he broke some of those golf rules we all know about. They made him take an extra two swings because of that. And here’s where it gets interesting – he got so frustrated that he tossed his golf club like it was a hot potato. Well, not everyone was thrilled with that little fit of his.

Viktor’s name has been linked to the LIV Golf Invitational Series. But here’s the kicker: this whole thing is supported by a bunch of folks from Saudi Arabia. And yeah, there’s been a lot of talk about them not playing nice on the human rights front. Hovland actually said he’s not too keen on playing in that series. But the fact that he’s even connected to it stirred up some drama. 
TattooHe doesn’t have any tattoos.
AddressStillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Current HabitatStillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Phone NumberNA

Fun Fact: Did you know? Viktor learned to speak English by watching historical films like “Lincoln.” 

Famous Personality: As a Golf Player

Golf DebutTravelers Championship (June, 2019)
Famous ForBeing a Norwegian Professional Golf Player who plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour
Awards and HonorsMember of the European Ryder Cup team (2023)

PGA Tour Player of the Month (May 2021)

PGA Tour Rookie of the Year (2020)

Ben Hogan Award (2019)

Low amateur at the Masters Tournament (2019)

US Amateur Champion (2018)

PGA Tour Wins:

DateTournamentWinning ScoreMargin of VictoryRunner(s)-up
Feb 23, 2020Puerto Rico Open-201 strokeJosh Teater
Dec 6, 2020Mayakoba Golf Classic-201 strokeAaron Wise
Nov 7, 2021World Wide Technology Championship (2)-234 strokesCarlos Ortiz
Jun 4, 2023Memorial Tournament-7PlayoffDenny McCarthy
Aug 20, 2023BMW Championship-172 strokesMatt Fitzpatrick, Scottie Scheffler
Aug 27, 2023Tour Championship-2715 strokesXander Schauffele

European Tour Wins:

DateTournamentWinning ScoreMargin of VictoryRunner-up
Jun 27, 2021BMW International Open-192 strokesMartin Kaymer
Jan 30, Dubai Desert Classic-12PlayoffRichard Bland

FedEx Cup Playoff Wins:

Aug 20, 2023BMW ChampionshipMatt Fitzpatrick, Scottie Scheffler
Aug 27, 2023Tour ChampionshipXander Schauffele

Team Appearances:

Ryder Cup (representing Europe)2021

The Making of a Champion: Viktor Hovland’s Journey

Alright, let’s rewind and dive into the golfing tale of Viktor Hovland – it all started when he was rocking college life at Oklahoma State University. He began getting tips and tricks from the legendary coach Alan Bratton

This coach saw something special in Hovland and basically watered his golf talent like it was a precious plant. While he was studying and practicing, Viktor had these shining moments that were like the appetizers to his big success buffet.

Way back in 2014, he nabbed the Norwegian Amateur Golf Championship title, and that was like the first sparkling gem in his collection. Winning that thing was like the turbo boost that made him go, “Hey, I’ve got more in me!”

Fast-forward to 2018, and it’s like boom! Viktor Hovland smashes it out of the park by winning the US Amateur Championship – a huge deal in the golf world. Nobody from Norway had done that before, so he’s basically the trailblazer for his country. 

And guess what? This win was like unlocking secret levels in a video game. Suddenly, he gets invited to strut his stuff in major championships.

So, let’s talk about 2019. That year was like a golfing adventure for Hovland. He gets to play in the Masters Tournament, the US Open, and the Open Championship, and it’s like he’s the new kid in town. 

At the Masters, he swings so smoothly that he nabs the low amateur award and finishes 32nd. That’s like a rookie being MVP. And hold onto your hats – he’s suddenly the top dog in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.

The US Open? Oh, he’s not just there for a good time. Viktor locks in 12th place and snags the low amateur title again. But here’s the crazy part: he set a new record for the lowest score by an amateur in the US Open. Beat that, history books!

Professional Golfing Career and Tours Success

Back in 2018, Viktor Hovland did the impossible and won the US Amateur Championship, a mega deal for any golfer. And get this – no Norwegian had ever pulled that off before. Talk about breaking the ice with a golf club!

This win was like opening Pandora’s box of opportunities for him. Suddenly, he’s getting invited to rub shoulders with the big shots in major championships. The doors swung wide open for him to strut his stuff at the 2019 US Open, the 2019 Masters Tournament, and the 2019 Open Championship. And boy, did he show up!

Let’s talk about the Masters Tournament – he didn’t just participate; he owned it. His skills landed him the “low amateur” award and a draw for 32nd place. That’s like being the rookie superstar at the big show. And guess what? His performance shot him straight to the top spot on the golf ranking of World Amateur. Yeah, he was on fire.

Hold your golf claps because the US Open is next. Viktor lands an impressive 12th place and, you won’t believe it, snags the “low amateur” title AGAIN. But that’s not even the crazy part – his score of 280 set a new record for the lowest score by any amateur in the US Open, leaving golf legend Jack Nicklaus in the dust.

Then, the big decision: after these jaw-dropping amateur feats, Hovland decides to turn pro after the 2019 US Open. Talk about stepping into the big leagues! He makes his pro debut at the Travelers Championship, and people are like, “Who’s this young gun showing up like a pro?”

And oh boy, does he show up! The kid’s rocking the PGA Tour like it’s a walk in the park. By finishing second in the well-known Albertsons Boise Open, he snags a PGA Tour card for the season of 2019-20. It’s like the golf world just can’t get enough of him.

Fast forward to 2020, and he’s making history again – the first golf player from Norway to win on the PGA Tour. The Puerto Rico Open was his turf, and he claimed victory with style. And guess what? He didn’t stop there. He went on to conquer the Mayakoba Golf Classic in 2020 and 2021. Seriously, he’s like the golf world’s new superhero.

The European Tour? Yeah, he rocked that, too. In 2021, he became the first player from Norway to win on that circuit, triumphing at the BMW International Open. It’s like he’s saying, “I’ll ace any course, anywhere!”

Even the Ryder Cup couldn’t escape his golf magic. He’s part of the European team in 2021, showing off his skills at Whistling Straits. The US might have taken the trophy, but Viktor left his mark.

And just when you think he’s done, he defends his crown at the World Wide Technology Championship and then casually takes the Hero World Challenge title. He’s like a golfing wizard, stacking up wins like it’s no big deal.

Zoom to 2022, and he’s not slowing down. He won the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship and won at the Dubai Desert Classic. That’s right, and he’s not just a one-hit-wonder. He’s officially one of the top golfers in the world, locking in that third spot on the Official World Golf Ranking.

And in a final twist, he defends his Hero World Challenge title AGAIN in 2022. Only one other person did that – Tiger Woods. Yup, Hovland’s in the legend club now. He finished with a score that’s basically saying, “Yeah, I own this golf thing.”

So, there you have it – Viktor Hovland’s golf journey, from taking over the amateur scene to becoming a pro powerhouse. It’s like watching a superhero movie, but with golf clubs instead of capes! 

Family, Relationship, Affairs

Viktor Hovland Girlfriend Kristin Sorsdal (Rumored GF)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Viktor Hovland WifeNA
ParentsHarald Hovland and Galina Hovland
SiblingsJulie Hovland (Sister) and Mats Eriksen Hovland (Brother)

Viktor’s father was a former professional golf player in Norway, while his mother is a keen golfer. In fact, his younger sister is also a golf player.


FoodsIndian Food (Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken)
Actor(s)Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks
Actress(es)Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence
Music BandMetallica, System of a Down, and Tool
FilmThe Shawshank Redemption
GolferSergio Garcia
SportsGolf, Football, and Taekwondo
DestinationNorway (his home country)
BeverageWater, Coffee, and Red Wine

Viktor Hovland Net Worth and Salary

Salary$7.9 million (Annual Salary on the PGA Tour)
Net Worth$15 Million
Source of IncomeGolf Prize Money, Endorsement Deals, and Others

Social Links


Social Media Followers

Instagram Followers567 Thousand

Facts About Viktor Hovland Worth Knowing

  • Viktor Hovland’s dad, Harald, got hooked on golf while working in the US, and when he came back to Norway, he got Viktor a set of clubs. 
  • At the Pebble Beach US Open, he snagged a super impressive T-12th finish as an amateur. That’s the best in 50 years! He even made history by being the low amateur in both the Masters and the US Open in the same year.
  • Just like Rickie Fowler, Hovland attended Oklahoma State University. He and his buddy Matthew Wolff were teammates, and they rocked the college golf scene.
  • Viktor shook things up in 2019 by becoming the first-ever Norwegian to strut his stuff at The Masters. Not only that, he made the cut, too, making history once again.
  • He won the 2018 US Amateur Championship at Pebble Beach, defeating Devon Bling in the final. Trophy in hand!
  • Hovland went pro as the top dog in the amateur rankings. He made this move after wowing everyone at the Masters and US Open, something that hadn’t been done since Matt Kuchar in ’98.
  • Viktor nabbed the Ben Hogan Award in 2019 and was a college All-American three times. Skills on display!
  • When it comes to European courses, Valderrama is Viktor’s favorite. 
  • Hovland was the first Norwegian player at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Yeah, he’s a global golf superstar.
  • Viktor was the first-ever Norwegian to hit the golf scene at the Ryder Cup. 
  • In August 2021, Hovland became the first Norwegian dude to break into the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking. 

Kristin Sorsdal Viktor Hovland: Are They Dating?

Alright, folks, let’s get real about Viktor Hovland’s love life as of 2023. There’s been a bunch of talk and speculation, but we’re still in the dark about his girlfriend. Word on the street is that he might be linked to Kristin Sorsdal, a fellow Norwegian. But hold up – he hasn’t posted any pics with her on social media or talked about her in interviews. So, we’re not sure if they’re a thing or not.

Remember the 2021 Ryder Cup? Viktor and Matt Fitzpatrick were the only two without partners around, which made people think maybe he was flying solo. While Hovland’s out there accomplishing the golf scene, he’s keeping the deets about his personal life pretty close to the chest.

Now, let’s talk about Kristin Sorsdal. She’s a 25-year-old Norwegian with an Instagram game that’s seriously on fire. Her profile is like a cool visual diary, full of awesome travels and drool-worthy food adventures. People have been buzzing about her and Viktor possibly being an item, but here’s the thing – there’s no solid proof they’re together.

Even with all this media buzz, Kristin’s got her own game going strong. She’s known for her lively online vibe, sharing her love for exploring new places and savoring delicious eats. Her posts are like a breath of fresh air, and people love following her adventures on social media.

So there you have it – the scoop on Viktor Hovland’s maybe-romantic journey and Kristin Sorsdal’s Instagram magic. Love life or not, they’re both rocking their own scenes. 

Where is Viktor Hovland From?

Viktor Hovland is from Oslo, Norway, and his birthday is September 18. Harald Hovland, his dad, used to be a professional player in Norway, and Galina Hovland, his mom, is also pretty into golf.

How Old is Viktor Hovland?

Viktor was born on September 18, 1997. As of 2023, he is 25 years old. He started playing golf when he was only ten years old.

How is Viktor Hovland Worth $740 Million?

Let’s get the facts straight about Viktor Hovland’s money. He’s not worth $740 million, that’s not true at all. His actual net worth is around $15 million as of August 2023. Nobody really knows where that $740 million number came from, but it’s probably not right.

Since VIktor turned pro in 2019, he’s made more than $29 million from winning prizes. He’s got some cool deals with companies like Ping, Nike, Rolex, and BMW that add up to about $5 million every year.

Is Viktor Hovland in LIV Golf?

Nope, Viktor Hovland is not part of LIV Golf. He actually doesn’t like that Saudi-backed thing at all. He’s been pretty loud about it, saying it’s like a shiny toy that takes your attention away from the PGA Tour.

Thanks for hanging out with us today! We had a great time sharing Viktor Hovland biography. We talked about his net worth, family, age, and more. Remember, things in the sports world can change fast, but we’ve got you covered with the latest updates!

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